'When I invited Saul to lead a Kabbalat Shabbat service at my synagogue, I knew that the peace of Shabbat would descend upon us. He’s been with us a couple of times already, but when I heard his new recording of South African inspired tunes, I felt that we had to have him back. His musicianship and ability to lead a meaningful tefillah are both profound. He engaged us with community singing, spiritual teachings, beautiful melodies, and virtuosic guitar playing. '
Chazzan  (Cantor) Mark E. Childs B'nai Brith Santa Barbara July 2014
"Saul Kaye encompasses a unique blend of authenticity and style. He's at the top of his game (Jewish Blues) but is personable in his performance, inviting you to join in this journey celebrating the Torah and the Delta. I endorse Saul for artist workshops, sacred experiences, concerts and any place where he can connect with music-loving members of your community."
-Russell Gottschalk (March 2013), Director and Founder AJMF (Atlanta Jewish Music Festival)

Rarely does Jewish music produce an artist with both impeccable blues chops and the kavanah of a Hassid. Kaye fits that odd bill, and we’re better off for it.'
Dan Pine 3/29/2012

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