'Rarely does Jewish music produce an artist with both impeccable blues chops and the kavanah of a Hassid. Kaye fits that odd bill, and we’re better off for it.'
Dan Pine, the J Weekly
March 29, 2012

'Saul Kaye took the stage and, within minutes, the large crowd in Southern California was on its feet, dancing, clapping, and grooving to some of the most soulful music and lyrics imaginable. Saul pours his heart into the music and his stage presence is superb. Simply put, Saul is the most exciting new musician I have heard in years. His Jewish Blues Live disc is one of my regular “go-to” discs. And it gets better and better with each listen!'
-from Adam ( San Jose) August 2011

'Not only is Saul Kaye a soulful and sincere player, he's also a fantastic teacher. More than just a blues show, this was an embracing dvar, which deepened our connection to history, philosophy, and Judaism. '

--Jeffrey Richman, Jewish Cultural Arts Director, St. Paul JCC
September 2011

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