Programs for your Community

Here are seven types of programs Saul can bring to your community

1. Saul Kaye Solo Jewish Blues Show 1 hour 

2. Saul Kaye Full Band Jewish BLues Show 1 hour or two 35 minute sets

3. Saul Kaye House Concert 1 hour or two 35 minute sets

4. Saul Kaye guest artist at Shabbat Services 2-3 songs plus oneg performance 45 minutes

5. 'Edutainment Session'   1 hour session with the youth/teens where Saul plays the songs
from Jewish Blues Volumes 1-3 and engages the audience in a musical midrash
discussion. This program can be coupled with a full band or solo performance

6. Saul Leads a musical Kabbalat Shabbat service ( he led/ co-led 34 in 2012)

7. A Musical Havdalah program followed by either a solo show or full band show

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