It is a rare and beautiful occurrence when an artist manages to interweave his personal life, spiritual path, and art. After releasing 5 CDs of varying styles from the late 90s through 2008, Saul Kaye was pulled towards an idea that he claimed wouldn't leave him alone. This was the natural marriage of Jewish history, characters, and liturgy with the Blues. This Lead to the release of Jewish Blues Volume One- Live! 

Jewish Blues Volume One was so well received internationally ( Including several performances in Israel and 16 states in the US) that Saul has decided to continue on this trail blazing path with his new Genre; JEWISH BLUES.
  On his Latest CD JEWISH BLUES VOLUME TWO, Saul Digs deep into the Torah, Psalms and Writings.

Written in Montana and Israel (while studying at Mayanot Yeshiva), Volume two employs more Hebrew and Niggunim (wordless melodies) and makes use of Kaye's vast array of stylistic influences. You can hear the gritty tone of his Les Paul on 'Slave Rant', the Delta Acoustic slide howl on 'Two Wolves', and his creative alternative tunings and finger picking on songs like Jonah throughout the Cd. Saul not only explores the characters from the Torah, but he embodies them and you really feel he is actually singing from the voice of Joseph, when he says, 'I'm Just a Dreamer ' or King Saul ( Shaul) when he cries ' Send me someone who can play my blues away!' Journey back again with Kaye as he explores Kings, Prophets and Brothers on Jewish Blues Volume Two.

Join me on the Journey
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